Bachetti Food: the traditional dishes of Piceno now have an international taste

olive-ascolanaFrom the attention to the territory and the quality of the products that have characterized SPECIALITÀ DEI PICENI was born BACHETTI FOOD, a new brand that looks to the internationalization while taking the firm roots in the culinary traditions of Piceno.

Thanks to the growing success in the country and investment in innovative technologies, Bachetti Food today also produces typical of other Italian regions with the same competence and the same attention to detail that has always characterized the production cycle.

The woodpecker symbol accompanies the family Bachetti since 1982 and reveals the deep bond with the italian territory of Piceno, whose name derives from the Latin picus, woodpecker. From this symbol was born the new brand that, by maintaining a continuity of colors with the traditional logo, is a modern reinterpretation of the Bachetti Food philosophy: constant innovation based on quality and tradition.